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The ultimate one bike quiver just got bigger

We’ve taken the unparalleled suspension action, gloriously sleek design and sweet spot geometry of the Highlander, slackened it slightly and switched it up to 150mm of smooth, responsive travel.

The Highlander 140 is designed to be the world’s most capable do it all trail bike, as happy on all-day back-country epics as carving turns at the bike park. The Highlander 150 shifts the focus a little – with that extra 10mm of travel and subtle geometry tweaks, it’s rowdier, with more of a descent focus, and can take the big stuff a little harder - whilst still being a great all round machine.

The Highlander 150 doesn't just have more travel - the head angle is kicked back to 65 degrees for a little more high-speed stability and confidence when the going gets super steep. Additionally, the suspension leverage curve is more progressive which lends the Highlander 150 to coil or high volume air shocks.

High Pivot Point

Deviate’s high pivot point, and the careful idler placement, mean the suspension performance on the Highlander is the best of all possible worlds. The rearward axle path lets the bike flow over rough terrain, and as the idler location controls anti-squat, the Highlander has negligible pedal kickback and a deliberate anti-squat curve which eliminates pedal induced suspension bob. The unique kinematics of a high pivot point design maintains chassis stability and geometry under heavy braking, meaning aggressive riding is rewarded.

One bike - two flavours

Take the Highlander 140 for a nimble, trail-carving fun machine which still has the chops for some spicy stuff - or opt for the Highlander 150 for a bigger hitting rig, at home on the most technical of enduro tracks - but still makes you smile on the ups.

Anyone who already owns a Highlander 140 can change it up to a Highlander 150 and vice-versa by simply swapping out the rocker link - making the world’s most capable trail bike even more versatile. The Highlander 150 is still running 29” wheels and retains the Highlander's signature balance of stability and playfulness.

High Pivot Point

Every rear suspension system has a pivot point. The suspension design on the Highlander uses a high single pivot point which results in a rearward axle path allowing the rear wheel to move with the impact, while the bike continues to maintain forward momentum. It is a sensation that you will notice from your first ride and the result is that the Highlander has an ability to negotiate chunky terrain with a speed and confidence that plenty of bikes packing much more rear wheel travel can’t match. The careful idler placement, mean the suspension performance on the Highlander is the best of all possible worlds. This is because the idler location controls anti-squat, creating a deliberate +100% anti-squat curve which eliminates pedal induced suspension bob.

Suspension Kinematics

The unique kinematics of a high pivot point design, with it’s rearward axle path and high anti-rise means that under heavy braking chassis stability and the geometry are maintained - this simply means that aggressive riding is rewarded. The sensation of “the bike not holding you back” is very real on the Highlander and you’ll find yourself hitting lines that you’d have previously reserved for your downhill bike (or imagination).


Our linkage is designed to offer a progressive leverage curve intended to offer support for harder and more aggressive riders. The progressive linkage means that high volume air shocks and coil shocks are compatible. The use of an idler means that the leverage ratio of the Highlander is tuned independently of anti-squat and pedal kickback (of which there is a negligible amount).


In order to control pedal kickback and anti-squat on a high pivot point bike we need to use an idler. Unlike non-idler equipped designs we can virtually eliminate pedal kickback while creating a balanced anti-squat curve which is controlled by the idler position. In the real world this means the bike pedals incredibly well, without bobbing, while the suspension remains active providing traction. The lack of pedal kickback is instantly noticeable with the Highlander showing an uncanny ability to pedal smoothly through rough terrain.



“Trail bikes should be versatile, ready-for-anything machines, and most of them are exactly that. But, push come to shove, most of that versatility extends towards tamer, pedal-intensive riding. On the contrary, the Highlander's versatility extends in the opposite direction, which will let you point it down more intensive lines than most trail bikes would be okay with. If that's how you want to spend your rides, the Highlander is ready.”

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“Deviate has managed to package a super smooth suspension system inside a frame that hits a sweet spot between stability and playfulness. Effortlessly easy and intoxicatingly fun to ride fast, the Deviate Highlander is a superb trail bike for someone who does not want to follow the crowd.”

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The overall balance of riding traits is seriously impressive as an enduro race machine or day-to-day mountain crusher. When pushing hard through rough terrain (and letting the brakes off) the Claymore really comes alive, delivering a load of traction and composure through big compressions, yet just about retaining enough agility to manoeuvre through tight terrain.

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“Is the Highlander the world’s most capable trail bike? It certainly outshone this year’s “Trail Bike of the Year” line-up on the descents.”

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"Regardless of the travel option, the Highlander is a do-it-almost-all bike for the right rider. It could be built up lightweight for faster peddlers, or hefty for gravity athletes. The advantages of this suspension platform are not to be overlooked, as they truly do enhance the trail experience."

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“Its strengths show on technical, raw terrain. It’s a bike that maintains momentum exceptionally well when gravity isn’t the whole equation. The rearward axle path helps the rear end to float over square edges, a quality that helps boost traction and maintain momentum in rough, holey (and unholy) terrain. The handling doesn’t get overly floppy at low speeds or in low-angle tech puzzles, and the slightly steeper and shorter (compared to an enduro bike) geometry makes for a more well-rounded ride. It’s really quite refreshing after riding more aggressive bikes with super slack geometry that, honestly, doesn’t work very well on anything other than steep blacks.”

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“…with its ultra-deep shock and high pivot point it differs significantly from the average trail bike. With up to 160 mm of travel at the fork and 140 mm at the rear, this 29er is perhaps even more than a trail bike.”

“The bell cranks are so well nested that you have to turn the wheel upside down to understand them. From ordinary viewing angles, the Highlander is simple, beautiful, tidy - and looks quick even when it is stationary.”

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